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Frosty Temptations



What's on the inside matters

Capturing all generations of wine lovers across the globe, Frosty Temptations is pleased to offer consumers a new way to enjoy wine!​ Our brand new, one of a kind, all-natural wine freezies take your favorites from rosé to sangria and transform them into a simple, fun, and refreshing beverage to enjoy on any occasion. Simply freeze the tubes, easy tear, and enjoy! With 6 different delicious low-calorie wine-based recipes, Frosty Temptations will revolutionize the way we look at the beverage industry.

Frosty Temptations, a PL Brands, Inc. product, based in Palatine, IL specializes in the craft of local wine, spirits, and beverage making. With a unique low-calorie wine-based formula, Frosty Temptations is here to put a fun twist on wine drinking through the conversion of all of our natural recipes to Wine Freezies. 

Image by Jade Masri


Our Goals

It's all about the people

The people wanted answers. Answeres for why wine has so many calories, why they had to compromise quality for cost, and why there were no modern solutions for century-old problems. We are happy to say that we are here to take your worry away and get you sipping today!  From our unique look to the way our product makes you feel, our mission is to revolutionize the way we look at wine. Our team strives to provide the best quality and value for each person to enjoy a little taste of sunshine. With our goals in mind and product in hand, we expect to become a global phenomenon for every person to experience for themselves. 


Frosty Temptations, Coming to a store near you, very soon...

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